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top five. [31 Jan 2009|03:33pm]
I love the movie high fedelity. In the movie they name their top five favorites of different categories. In an attempt to make my life more like a movie, I'm going to do the same. My top five bands! (In order)

Modest Mouse
Herman Dune
Jeffrey Lewis
Neil Young

Sorry Man Man, The Flaming Lips, Mulehead, and Outkast. You came close, but better luck next time.
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the mouse walks on pavement [19 Jan 2009|01:13am]
[ mood | confused ]

Going through everyday life I assume people know whats going on with brad, but I guess thats not true. I've been delivering pizzas and listening to pavement. Use to, I would go to youtube and listen to "cut your hair" or "shady lane", but that was the end of my pavement listening. I never listened to albums. Recently I listened to Slanted and Enchanted and started to get into pavement. After buying Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, Pavement definitely was in my top 5 bands. Then I started to think, "Is Pavement better than Modest Mouse?" A few days later it was brought up again at a party, and I instantly said Modest Mouse is better. Soon after that I listened to Wowee Zowee. Pavement became my second favorite band. Then the Modest Mouse vs. Pavement battle really stayed in my head. Is Slanted and Enchanted better than This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About? Is Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain better than Crowded Lonesome West? Is Wowee Zowee better than Building Nothing out of Something? Is Brighten The Corners better than the Moon and Antarctica? Is Terror Twilight better than Good News for People Who Love Bad News? Yes, No, Yes, No, No. I guess Modest Mouse is just better. Who woulda thunk.

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[04 Dec 2008|03:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

The feeling you get when you shower after being dirty for a long time is fantastic!
Also, i would like to be in a band that is willing to perform karma's payment plan before i die.

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[25 Sep 2008|04:25pm]
Man, marijuana and cemeteries just dont go well together!
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[21 Sep 2008|01:57am]
It's weird when your life is like a scene out of a cheesy romantic comedy.
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[31 Jul 2008|12:30am]
Where am I going to go to photograph bigfoot. I've decided photographing bigfoot is my life's calling.
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Speaking of dead people... [14 Jul 2008|12:50am]
When I die I think i would like the majority of the moon and Antarctica played at my funeral.
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[03 Jul 2008|11:37pm]
i miss sexual innuendos!
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[08 Apr 2008|10:58pm]
[ mood | content ]

Whenever I visit myspace which is quite often I get really excited at first because it almost always says I have new friend request, and hey I like getting new friends. But whenever I look at the friend request its is 29 times out of 30 just a webcam slut! Ugh!

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[01 Apr 2008|04:21pm]
Yesterday, I got into my first wreck. I was in the parking lot where CiCi's used to be. I was stopped right behind this van who was stopped. All of a sudden, the van started backing up and backed right into me. The guy was really apologetic. He was a mess. I think he was having a really bad day. While exchanging names and numbers he was like "Do you like Queen?" and i said that i did. So he just gave me this Queen cd. I told him that there wasn't really a noticeable damage to my car, and we went our separate ways. I got hit going like 5 miles an hour and it was so forceful. I can't imagine an actual wreck! It's horrifying!

Also, I really want to move out in a few months after I graduate high school. I just need roommate(s)! Damn!
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GO GO Power Rangers! [19 Mar 2008|03:19pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Last night I watched the mighty morphin power rangers movie. And It was really crazy, and I remembered why I had a childhood crush on Kimberly, the pink ranger. Because shes a slammin hottie. Its hard to believe that after the power rangers she became an porn actress. But I guess what else is there to do besides porn after the power rangers. I mean, you definitely can't go up in the entertainment world.

In other news, Im really bad at smoking cigars. And I do mean REALLY bad!

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[02 Mar 2008|11:34pm]
I thought i was through growing as a person. Im eightteen, i should be. But apparently I am not. Oh well. Maybe one day I will be.
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[24 Feb 2008|01:10am]
[ mood | blank ]

Maybe I should try being a loner. I don't know. It seems difficult. Maybe not.

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[19 Feb 2008|09:57pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I really hope my life takes a turn in a new direction, any direction really. maybe i need to meet new people. im not very good at meeting new people though. i gotta work on those contacts!

In other news lately I have pretty much only been listening to jeffrey lewis and herman dune. Its weird. Im surprised I havent gotten sick of them yet.

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[01 Jan 2008|03:08pm]
I would like to thank everyone who came to the new years "blast" at the u-haul. i thought it was really fun and i hope everyone who came to it felt the same way. it felt like a success. and people told me it was a success. so good job everyone involved. thanks to raise the anchors, kidz pop, goodtar jones, sounds me and my friends make, the saritas, serious business and the boogie squad, the tusks, jack to the future, appetite for orange, and jk47.

also, a big thanks to everyone who left empty liquor containers i really enjoyed/ am enjoying picking them up. i also enjoy picking up trash, so thanks to the people who left trash.

everyone have a happy new year!
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[26 Dec 2007|03:00am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I just can't understand people, even when i try. and i definately do try, but again and again i come up short.

and im horribly afraid of being ditched! lame!

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[12 Dec 2007|06:39pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Im always afraid of driving in the rain. I always seem to do fine, meaning i haven't gotten in a wreck yet, but i always feel im going to hydroplane and drive off the road into somebody who I dont know's house. Or I feel that I'm not going to stop in time and I will hit someone in the back. Luckily I always seem to stop right before doing damage.

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[02 Dec 2007|01:29am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Yesterday, I found out that my roommate was gay, but then she found Jesus and Jesus turned her straight. I've always thought my roommate was a lesbian. Now, knowing that shes just a Jesus Lover is weird.

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[28 Nov 2007|11:04pm]
I'm officially sick of this shit!
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[24 Nov 2007|12:56am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

AGHHH! Life just keeps barely dragging along. This is so lame! I hope something meaningful hurries up and happens. This is outrageously stupid. Hurry up life! Happen!

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